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Excerpt - The Straggler

Addison Albright


The Straggler - A Short Story

Copyright 2008 by Addison Albright
Copyright 2010 by Addison Albright (2nd Edition)


Blake is a "straggler" at a golf course looking to join a threesome for a round of golf. He isnt happy when hes assigned to join Frank Miller, a workaholic cutthroat VP at the company where he works, and the mans two nutty friends. Has Blake misjudged Frank? Maybe he isnt such a bad guy after all. He is rather hot.


Blake Renner breathed in the crisp autumn air and took a few practice swings before addressing the ball he’d placed on the tee. He was a straggler at the Towering Pines Golf Course and was killing time at the driving range, hoping to hear a page calling for him to join a threesome.

He’d awoken with a desire to spend the day outdoors. He loved the blaze of colors in the trees and the freshness of the air, so driving out to the golf course had been a no-brainer. None of his friends liked to golf so he often found himself showing up at the course, hoping to be able to join a group that showed up short a player. He usually managed to get in after a brief wait.

He stepped up to the tee and swung his driver, connecting solidly with the ball. It landed about two hundred and fifty yards out. Not bad. He’d hooked it slightly, though. He reached into the bucket and placed another ball on the tee.

After going through about ten balls with his driver, he traded his club for the three wood. He practiced a while with that then reached for his seven iron, but didn’t get the chance to use it.

“Jacobson threesome on deck for number one tee,” announced the starter over the loudspeaker. “Renner single join Jacobson threesome on tee number one.”

Sweet. He was in. Blake picked up his golf bag and hiked toward the first tee. He spotted the trio on deck and walked in their direction. As he approached, one of the men turned to look at him.

Blake sucked in his breath and stutter stepped as he recognized the man. It was Frank Miller, the Chief Financial Officer at Jensen’s Natural Beverages. Blake had been spotted so it was too late to remove his Gay Pride earring before joining the threesome. Not knowing whether or not the higher ups at JNB had any personal prejudices, it had just seemed better to fly under the radar regarding his sexuality at work.

Mr. Miller had a reputation for having unrealistic standards and was said to be cutthroat when dealing with underlings. Thankfully Blake didn’t answer to him, and in fact, never had to personally deal with the man.

Maybe Mr. Miller wouldn’t recognize him as a fellow employee at JNB. It was a large company, and their scopes of work didn’t bring them into direct contact with each other. Hell, if coworkers hadn’t pointed Mr. Miller out in the building’s cafeteria, Blake wouldn’t have recognized him, so it didn’t seem like a completely unreasonable hope.

Apparently it was, though, because the look in Mr. Miller’s eyes made it clear that he recognized Blake at least on some level. Just how well Mr. Miller knew him was clarified as Blake drew closer.

“Blake Renner.” Mr. Miller smiled and held out his hand. “Are you as good at playing golf as you are at landing new contracts?”

So much for hoping Mr. Miller wouldn’t even recognize him as a random employee of the company. The man fucking knew exactly who he was.

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