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Excerpt - Another Dream

Addison Albright


Another Dream - In Dreams
Copyright © 2011 by Addison Albright


When a shy, twenty-nine year old virgin erotica writer with a tool belt fetish crosses paths with an outgoing carpenter, the fireworks soar. Introverted Larry has an active imagination, and extroverted Marty is just the man to draw Larry out of his shell. Larry makes new friends and faces a jealous rival for Marty’s affections while helping Marty reevaluate an impulsive decision, made twenty years earlier. A scheme is hatched that rewinds the years of Marty’s life and takes the new lovers on a cross-country road trip together. From hot to humorous, their expedition is a journey of personal growth for Larry, an overdue resolution to Marty’s long-ago rash actions, and a trek down a path of self-discovery for both of them.

Larry worries about the motivations of his own feelings, as he tries to gauge Marty’s. Marty is tired of the single life. He’s ready to settle down and has been looking for Mr. Right. Will their personality differences complement each other to make another dream come true, or will Larry’s insecurities keep him from seizing love?


Shit, Larry, think of something to say. Shit, shit, shit. He gazed around the large room, hoping for inspiration. Fuck, he never had any trouble thinking of things for his story characters to say. Damn, what would Rhys say?

“Interesting décor … flashy,” he blurted out. Fuck, Rhys wouldn’t have said anything that lame. Hektor would’ve tossed him out on his ass long ago if he’d been that fucking pathetic.

But Marty smiled at Larry, and his smile reached his eyes, he wasn’t being condescending. “Yeah, it is pretty flashy, isn’t it? That crazy disco ball … it’s wild.”

The waiter returned with their drinks. Oh, thank God. They sat and sipped their beer and ginger ale while watching the dancers. Somehow the lack of conversation didn’t seem awkward.

The song changed, and Marty’s face lit up. “Hey, Larry. We could do a little push-pull single-step swing to this beat. It’s a really, really simple step, and I can lead you through it. You won’t have to improvise, and it’s not at all complicated. What do you think, hun?”

Oh, God. Marty looked so eager. And again with the “hun.” What did Marty mean by that? He must be one of those guys that used the word casually, ’cause there was surely no way it could be meant as an endearment.

The last thing in the world Larry wanted to do right then was disappoint this beautiful man who’d been so thoughtful to him. Fuck, he was petrified that he’d make a complete ass of himself out on the dance floor, but he could think of nothing to say except, “Okay.”

Marty’s smile broadened, and he put out his hand. Larry took it, and Marty led him out onto the fringes of the dance floor. The song did have a good steady beat. Maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to follow. Thankfully, he found that he wasn’t completely without rhythm, and after just a couple awkward steps he was able to follow along smoothly as he grasped the tempo of the music. Marty was right, too. He didn’t have to improvise anything. Just as the name of the dance implied, Marty pushed and pulled him through the steps.

He was amazed at the fact that not only was he not making a total fool out of himself out there, but he felt like he was actually doing okay. Certainly not doing anything that would draw negative attention to himself. Jesus, he was actually having fun, and couldn’t help smiling up at Marty as he was pulled back in.

Marty’s smile beamed back as Marty continued to effortlessly guide him through the dance. Marty was looking at him so intently. It was as if Marty could see right into his head and know what he was thinking. Fuck, he sure hoped Marty couldn’t read his thoughts, because they were anything but PG rated.

He imagined that beautiful mouth coming down onto his own. What would that be like? What was it that he’d had Rhys think the first time Hektor had kissed him? Something about ‘waves of desire and longing coursing through him as he pressed his body against Hektor’s solid length.’ Fuck, he was bordering on that right now with just Marty’s hands holding his as Marty tossed him through the dance.

Thankfully the song ended, because he was having a hard time pulling his mind out of the gutter and was afraid he was going to spring a full damned boner out on the dance floor. Marty held his hand captive as they walked back to the table. Ray and Ronald had returned to the table as well, smiling like loons at each other.

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