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Reviews - The Straggler

Addison Albright


Reader Reviews


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NOTE: Some of these reviews are for the mini-anthology, Shades of Autumn, that included the first edition of The Straggler.

Reviews from Review Websites & Blogs

Rainbow Reviews

Link to Shades of Autumn Review  - Rainbow Reviews / "Carole"
Following is an excerpt from the review. You can read the entire review by following the link, above:

Rating:  4

These stories are well written by the authors and deftly edited by Mychael Black. Autumn is, of course, a recurring theme, but my favorite part of all three stories is the humor. They all have tongue-in-cheek funny moments, which are a great leavening for the hot sex! Sometimes in an anthology, the stories are not all of equal weight, but in this case, the stories are all quite good. I’d be hard pressed to pick my favorite ~ so I won’t! I’ll just tell you that you should read them all.

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