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Note:  The guestbook does not have a feature that allows me to reply to your comments.  I read and appreciate all comments but if you want a reply you'll need to follow my "Contact Me" link.  Thank you!


Guestbook Features
'Ficlet' Prompt Words:
If you would like to have a personalized fictional short (i.e. 'ficlet') written specifically for YOU, then leave up to 4 ficlet word prompts in the appropriate line when signing the guestbook.  
Now, I can't always promise same day service.  In fact I can promise it will likely not be same day service, but I will try to deliver in as timely a manner as I can.  Preferably within days, but possibly weeks, if I'm mired in edits with a deadline or something.  But eventually, your ficlet will appear on the "Free Fiction" page!
Note:  The Ficlets will often be light, fun, and likely hokey.  They will vary in length and 'rating' -- nothing personal.  They are designed to entertain rather than to be submitted for publication, although sometimes I might use one to add a scene to an existing story that I have published!
Story Idea Recommendations:
Got something in mind that you would love to see in a published story?  It doesn't matter if it's an entire story concept or a just good idea for a fun or interesting scene.  I'd love to know what YOU, the reader likes to see or would like to see in a story.
There is a line in my guestbook now where you can leave your ideas.  If there's not enough space, feel free to drop me an email.  I will always keep my current email address on the 'Contact Me' page of this website.  I can't promise to use everything you come up with, but I will listen and consider everything carefully!

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